My Mission

Hello and welcome!

I am passionate about helping you to cultivate a conscious, functional and vibrant life and transforming you to be the CEO of yourself.

My mission is to help you tap into a higher awareness of yourself, turn off the autopilot, and control your biology and psychology, so you can unlock the potential you didn't know you had to reach your goals.

I believe, collectively, the positive changes we make within ourselves extend into our wider community and the world. 

Are you ready to turn insight into motivation and inspired actions?



Keitlin Li

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation

  • BioGeometry Foundation and Advanced Training, BioGeometry Energy Systems

  • Mindfulness Training, Human Potential Institute

  • Certified Human Potential Coach (CHPC), Human Potential Institute

  • MSc Environmental Studies. University of London, Birkeck

  • BA Cognitive Science. University of California, Berkeley

Prior to becoming a professional coach, I've built my 15 years+ career in business and cloud technology consulting and project management, working with a wide range of professionals from various industries. Nowadays, I work with high potentials and business leaders from around the world in organizations of all shapes and sizes, to help them shift perspectives and elevate their lives. 

As a university student, I was fascinated about the human mind. While pursuing my undergrad studies in Cognitive Science, I gained a framework of knowledge that spans neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, computer science and anthropology, and this broad set of disciplines influences the diversity of my coaching toolkit today. 

I am obsessed with human upgrades: health optimization, productivity, mindset for success, energy alchemy, and all things related to wellbeing and high performance. I'm also exploring the esoterics and ancient sacred wisdom, and have undergone further trainings in subtle energy and bioenergetics.

I'm a mother of two children, who continue to inspire me to show up as the best version of myself.


Why work With Me

Most coaching you likely come across is head-based and oriented to chasing goals that come from what your programmed mind tells you what you should be doing. When you live from your conditioning you are not in charge of your true self.


My approach to coaching is awareness-based and holistic, encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and which integrates our embodied mind (interoception) in the inquiry process. Through developing meta-cognition and being fully present in our body and mind, and aligning the signals from our brain, gut and heart as a system, more creative solutions arise.

Throughout my practice, I will also draw resources from evidence-based research and science-backed techniques to help you reach your goals.

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