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Lower the Waterline

Find Your Emergent Self.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. " 

~ Carl Jung


Did you know up to 90% of our mind is hidden beneath our streams of consciousness?  

As we go about our day, the way we think, feel and act are largely driven by the preconscious and unconscious levels of our mind. The Freudian Iceberg Mental Model is often used to conceptualize how our active thoughts and behaviour are just the tip of the iceberg of who we are.


On a psychological level, what would happen if we were more tuned in to our thinking and feeling? If we were aware of our underlying beliefs, values, fear and motivation, how would it change the way we respond to life, lead and relate to others and our inner self? 


On a biological level, if we understood better the connections between the everyday choices we make and how we show up in the world, would it change what/when/how we eat, sleep, move and manage our space and time for the better?

This shift of consciousness is what I call lowering the waterline, and through this process emerges a better version of self. 

Iceberg image.jpg

I came to you feeling uncertain, overwhelmed and anxious in spite of my best efforts. With you as my thinking partner I was able to show up, stretch myself, expand into new possibilities and shifts in perspective and take inspired action. You met me with presence, curiosity and understanding – providing tools and a space of support that enabled me to bridge the gap. I have found the courage to initiate change and move forward with observable results. Thank you Keitlin! "

Annette dos santos

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