I'm proud be to an affiliate partner of Nuchido, a group of scientists, doctors and futurists behind Nuchido TIME+, a powerful NAD+ anti-aging supplement. It is founded by Dr Nichola Conlon who was named one of 2021’s Coolest Female Founders of UK Tech Making Huge Impacts.

The capsules contain a clean blend of vitamins, botanicals and other supportive ingredients like zinc and alpha lipoic acid. I use it every day to boost my NAD+ levels. I love having it blended in my afternoon drink for an extra kick!

It is only available online or resold in specific functional medicine, longevity and some aesthetic clinics. Contact me for a 10% one-time discount code on your first purchase!

why NAD+

NAD+ stands for :

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide -- a natural molecule found in every cell in your body.


We depend on NAD+ to:

  • Convert nutrients from our food into cellular energy

  • Switch important cellular health and maintenance processes on and off

As we age our cellular NAD+ levels decline resulting in a reduction in cellular energy and cellular health.

Stressors such as intense physical exercise, disrupted sleep patterns and alcohol can also contribute to declining NAD+.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that replenishing NAD+ levels is essential to maintain cellular defence in the face of these everyday stressors, so you can maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Find out more about Nuchido here.

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