Keyboard and Mouse


I came to you feeling uncertain, overwhelmed and anxious in spite of my best efforts. With you as my thinking partner I was able to show up, stretch myself, expand into new possibilities and shifts in perspective and take inspired action. You met me with presence, curiosity and understanding – providing tools and a space of support that enabled me to bridge the gap. I have found the courage to initiate change and move forward with observable results. Thank you Keitlin!


Since having taken on you as a coach, I have gained so much knowledge in different areas of my life, from diet and nutrition to sleep to stress management. I have become a much more mindful person, enabling me to make better decisions and respond more positively to the daily challenges of parenting. I'm also feeling optimistic about starting a new chapter. I feel you have helped get to were I am heading. Without you listening and giving your input I would probably still be doing the same. So I do really thank you so much on helping me be on this journey. 


For years, I have been on medication to manage my Type 2 Diabetes. My weight had stayed at a standstill despite trying different diets. Since working with Keitlin a few months ago I have dropped 14 lbs and come off some of the meds, and I feel much positive about my health. When I got stressed I used to walk out of the house with a chocolate bar in my coat and eat it. I was told willpower was all that I needed. Now I think a lot more what I eat and am able to control my cravings. Keitlin showed me the importance to look after myself first before others and thinking for yourself. Now I have the knowledge and mindset to keep going and feel inspired to carry on. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for waking me up and with everything going on in the world, it has helped me.


Keitlin is a warm and authentic individual that grounded me and helped me feel comfortable in our time together. She was generous in her desire to help and guided me in various exercises to reach my desired goal. I have ‘emerged’ from our sessions more focussed and have become more aware of some limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. I recommend working with Keitlin to uncover your hidden potential!